CHRT synthesizer


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CHRT Synthesizer is a true analog monophonic valve sythesizer, designed mainly as a sound module for MIDI wind controllers, such as Yamaha WX5 or Akai EWI. A slight variation of firmware can turn it into a greatly responsive sound module for a keyboard player.

The main features of CHRT Synthesizer are:

The basic CHRT Synthesizer design is a 2U 19" rack


shipped as a DIY kit, while you can decide on the level of help and assistance with assembly, boards soldering, activation and debugging.

However, the structure is quite flexible and can fit, for example, into some vintage cases. Please do not hesitate to discuss the possibilities.
Here is the CHRT Synthesizer built into a case rescued from a wreck of a 50s tape recorder:


The software part - firmware can be adopted to your needs, e.g. a custom MIDI implementation. Please do not hesitate to discuss the possibilities.