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Thank you for your orders, first CHRTs will be shipped on January 2, 2018.

how to order

  1. Choose your DIY level and think about other options like MIDI implementation or custom case.
  2. Contact me with a brief message saying that you are interested.
  3. I reply within 2 days.
  4. We discuss all details so that you really get what you want.
  5. I pass the order onto the distributor.
  6. The distributor sends you the payment details.
  7. You pay.
  8. We ship.

Every CHRT is a hand-made piece, made to-order by its author. I want to be sure that the customers get exectly what they want, so the purchase cannot be done in a click-and-get way and requires at least some communication. In exchange for that, you receive full support and offers of future improvements, you can even participate on them. We also agree on fair return policy.

DIY levels and prices

DIY levelpricecontents
to EUR 500*
all electronic parts, cables, drilled PCB and analog board, chassis and case parts, detailed instructions
This kit requires technical knowledge and skills.
to EUR 900*
boards soldered, debugged and tuned, cabling ready with connectors, chassis and case ready for straighforward assembly
This kit requires only basic technical skills.
to EUR 1200
anything between the ASSEMBLY level and completed
Note: Whatever the assistance level, the product remains a DIY kit.
Any conformity or certifications have to be discussed exclusively.

NOTE: * parts prices vary according to choice of knobs, tube socket grade, etc.
The listed prices are for a basic grade of tubes. Please ask for more information on tube brands and prices available from my side, or whther you prefer your own tube supplier.

Shipping worldwide via DHL or similar courier company. You are welcome to suggest the shipping company according to delivery experience in your country.

If you are interested in ordering the CHRT Synthesizer, send me a brief message using the contact link on top.

legal terms and disclaimers

This website is part of the CHRT Synthesizer DIY project. By using the project and/or the information on this website you agree to to term of use. The project is provided as is, without express or implied warranty of fitness for any use. Do-it-yourself activities carry inherent risk. You are urged to take necessary safety precautions, including gaining professional advice, assistance and/or training before undertaking any activities in connection with the project.